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Jessica 180x150

For the ultimate in acne-fighting power, upgrade to our 4-piece or 5-piece kits.

You'll get all the incredible products in our 3-Step System, plus exclusive extras to help you personalize your clear skin routine.


SoftLux� Pillow

The amazing SoftLux� pillow is designed for comfort, support, and perfect temperature control, promoting sleep filled nights and happier days.

Every package includes:
  • One therapeutic SoftLux� pillow;
  • The SoftLux "Home Spa Treatment Gift" with two SoftLux Eye Masks (Eye Shade Light Blocker and Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Mask)
  • One Sleep Guide Tip Booklet, "Twenty Secrets to a Better Night's Sleep"
  • A 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • A 10 year durability warranty

LISTEN UP $14.95


The amazing Listen Up is smaller than a credit card, so it fits easily in your pocket or clips to your belt. To use it, simply insert the earphones and adjust the volume to the desired level. It�s that easy! Now you can turn a TV or radio down to low volume for other people in the room, and turn your Listen Up to high volume for yourself!


Hair Made
HAIR MADE $19.95

Save time styling, drying, straightening, and volumizing you hair. The Hair Made frees both your hands so you can be done styling in record time. Achieve that "salon look" every time! Eliminate the fatigue of holding that heavy hair dryer.
The Hair Made is recommended by professional stylists for all hair types. The simple to use Hair Made is designed for the counter top or vanity. The stand is easily height adjustable to accommodate users of any tallness. The flexible gooseneck allows you to bend and focus air at any angle; now drying the back of your head is so easy. Use the Hair Made once and you will be hooked for life! Product includes: Hair Made.


Triple Head Shaver
Bell and Howell ZX4 Shaver $29.95

Cordless, 4 Head, Electric Razor plus FREE Rotary Ear/Nose Trimmer!!!!!

The Bell+Howell ZX4 Advanced Dual-Process Shaving System makes grooming easier than ever. Quiet quad-head rechargeable shaver with precision stainless steel blades comfortably flex to fit the contours of your face and neck. Works with or without the cord so you always look great, on the go or right at home! Makes the Perfect Gift! Includes Storage/Travel pouch, Cleaning Brush, Protective Razor Cap and A/C Adapter..

Purse Bright

Lighted Handbag Organizer

Purse Brite is the revolutionary new purse organizer that transforms even the most cluttered handbag into a perfectly organized bag in seconds! Just put your keys, makeup, cellphone and more in the Purse Bright 10 expandable pockets. Purse Brite sits right in your handbag for easy access, leaving room in the middle for your wallet or other large items. Plus, Purse Brite has an ultra bright, built-in light so you can find things quickly, even in the dark! With Purse Brite, you can change purses in minutes without having to dump everything out. The 24 1/2"x4 1/2" Purse Bright organizer wraps around to fit any size handbag. Purse Brite is made of sturdy, lightweight fabric.

Ear Lifts
Ear Lifts 60pc $10.00

Transform Your Ear Lobes Instantly!

Ear Lifts are the invisible support solution that transforms your ear lobes from droopy and saggy to lifted and taut.

Wear the earrings you love everyday!

With the support of Ear Lifts, you can wear your favorite earrings everyday. Big or small, heavy or light, now you can wear your earrings with confidence. You can also use Ear Lifts as a preventative to help support and maintain the youthful shape of your ear lobes so they don�t stretch or deform over time.

Spin Spa
SPIN SPA $19.95

You could go to a luxury spa to rejuvenate your skin and pamper your body, or you could bring the spa to you with the Spin Spa! The spinning brush that turns showering into a spa experience! For aging skin, use the Microdermabrasion Head to cleanse away dead skin cells from head to toe and reveal the youthful skin beneath. Or use the mesh sponge for a more gentle exfoliation, giving your skin that clean and healthy glow everyday. The soft massaging fingers also improve circulation � Perfect for areas prone to cellulite. Just add your favorite soap or body wash and let SPIN SPA do the rest! The extra-long handle makes reaching your back and lower legs easy! Spin Spa requires no installation and takes three double-A batteries.

Natural Advantage

Advantage® combines Retinol (pure vitamin A) and complementary ingredients to assist in giving your customers younger-looking skin. Retinol is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, spots, and other visible signs of aging, and is designed to promote collagen synthesis through cell turnover.

Proactiv Solution from $19.95

Proactiv® Solution acne treatment is a revolutionary acne skin care system discovered by millions to help fight breakouts and get clear skin. From people like you to superstars like Vanessa Williams, Judith Light, Stephanie Seymour and Elle Macpherson.

Epil Stop Spray
Epil Stop Spray Set $19.95

Long Lasting, Clean & Gentle 6 in 1 Hair removal system
CITRUS SPRAY HAIR REMOVER No fuss, Clean & Gentle Hair Removal Just Spray &Wipe Away Epil Stop & Spray is the newest addition to the Epil Stop family of hair removal products. Perfect for anywhere you want to remove hair, Epil Stop & Spray combines the ingredients of the Epil Stop Hair Remover which slows new growth. Simply spray on the area desired, wait a few minutes and wipe away unwanted hair.
  • 4 oz. Epil Stop & Spray
  • 2 oz. Travel size Epil Stop & Spray
  • 3oz. Roll-On Epil Stop

Contour Pillow
CONTOUR PILLOW w/Knee Support Pillow $19.95

Sleep with good posture!
The Contour Pillow and Knee Support Set will help you maintain good sleeping posture, giving you a better, more restful nights sleep.
No more aching back, hips or shoulders, from an uneven sleeping position. When used together, these two pillows maintain proper back, hip and shoulder alignment when sleeping in the most common position - on your side.
Sleep sounder and wake more refreshed!


Electro Sage

At last here�s an effortless way to massage your muscles. Use it for a few minutes a day when you don�t have time for a workout. It will become part of your daily routine. It�s so simple! Attach the belt holding the small battery-operated unit around your waist, place the pads on the muscles to be massaged and switch on.

Just sit back, relax and watch those muscles massage. Or you can walk the dog, watch TV or do whatever you choose. Every workout feels great. You�ll feel a massaging, pulsing sensation-and you can adjust the control intensity and contraction time to make your workout completely comfortable. So you�ll feel relaxed, refreshed, revitalized and pampered.

  • 4 control dials / intensity indicators
  • Instruction manual
  • 8 replaceable self-adhesive massaging pads for body and face
  • Compact carrying case - ideal for travel
  • 9-Volt Battery

Braidini $9.95

The BRAIDINI French Braiding Styling System makes French Braiding easy and quick!

Perfect for straight or curly, thick or fine, and shoulder-length to long hair.

The SPORTS BRAIDER is perfect for any activity: running, aerobics, even swimming! Make those difficult braids with these two hairstyling tools! It is as easy as lacing a boot. Full Instructions included


Design A Nail

A nail imprinting machine that lets you put designs on your nails in minutes. No more spending time and money at nail salons having them paint on or airbrush designs. Do it yourself in just minutes at home, at a friends house, take it anywhere.

  • Design-A-Nail machine
  • 6 bottles of nail art paint
  • 1 bottle of nail art Top Coat
  • 10 Design-A-Nail Design Plates (with 40 designs that include hearts, rose, sun, moon, stars, galaxy, dice, aces, tulip, tiger lily, butterfly, sand dollar, spider, ladybug, birthday cake, 8 different geometric designs and also the French Manicure Design)
  • Instructional video
  • Additional designs booklet and order form


  • Smart Nails
    Smart Nails $19.95

    Immediately after your first treatment, your nails will look fabulous. Nail ridges, stains and other imperfections are instantly removed. Overgrown cuticles are safely erased. Your nails will have a beautiful shine that lasts and new smoothness to prevent snagging.
    Kit Includes:
    - 3 Micron Crystal Pads
    - Micron Crystal File
    - Exclusive Moisturizing Oil
    - Concentrated Nutrient Cream


    Opti White
    Opti White $14.95

    Professional Tooth Whitening System

    WHITEN YOUR SMILE TODAY! Obtain all the benefits of a professional tooth whitening treatment with none of the inconveniences or expense.

    Get rid of all those coffee, tea, and cigarette stains! Simply fill trays with Optiwhite Gel, place trays on upper and lower teeth, and remove trays after 30 minutes. Repeat process daily and you will see dramatic results in just one week!

    Kit includes:
    • 4 oz. professional strength tooth whitening gel, mint flavor
    • 2 custom comfort trays
    • Complete instructions

    Buckwheat Pillow
    Buckwheat Pillow $14.95

    Experience the 600 year old secret of the orient!
    Buckwheat hulls are natures's answer to problems like headaches, muscle stress, neck pain, back pain and restlessness. As a matter of fact, many professionals in the health care industry actually prescribe sleeping on pillows filled with buckwheat hulls to help relieve their patients' orthopedic ailments.

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