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Moving Men 16pc Set Moving Men 16pc Set
Organize your home without breaking your back!
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Makes Moving Heavy Furniture Child�s Play
Want to rearrange the living room, dust behind that chest, or move that king size bed?

Then it�s time to get some Moving Men - the furniture sliders that make moving even the largest furniture child�s play! Just slip a Moving Men under each leg of your furniture, and even the heaviest pieces slides along effortlessly!
Organize your home without breaking your back!

Moving Men allows you to effortlessly move heavy pieces of furniture whenever you please.

Each piece is made of a highly polished polymer with a super grip insert for legs to rest on.

Simply slip Moving Men under each leg and slide to rearrange furniture, dust behind hard to reach areas like the refrigerator, and help with other chores you�ve been avoiding.

Why damage carpet and rugs moving the hard way when Moving Men works great and protects flooring from costly repairs?

Don�t break a sweat - get your own Moving Men to keep handy 24/7!


  • 8 Large Moving Men.

  • BONUS: 8 Mini Movers

Scientifically Designed
Each Moving Men is made of a highly polished polymer and fitted with a special cushion grip pad for the legs to rest on. They slide across carpeting like skis on snow. Even a loaded bookcase practically floats along.

Now with the Moving Men, you can rearrange your living room in just a few minutes. And you won�t have to bother your friends just to clean behind the bed.

Moving Men 16pc Set

Our Price: Now Only $19.95

Not in stock

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