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Ultimate Scrubber Ultimate Scrubber
It Scrubs! It Cleans! It Polishes! It Removes Scratches!
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Ultimate Scrubber
It Scrubs! It Cleans! It Polishes! It Removes Scratches! It Gets Hard-to-Reach Places!

Tired of scrubbing and cleaning? Now with the Ultimate Scrubber cleaning is a snap! Use the Ultimate Scrubber on all those hard to scrub stains, spots and spills. Great for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, dishes, laundry, tiles, automobiles, BBQ and more. The adjustable head makes for easy scrubbing at any angle! Includes three interchangeable heads - firm bristle brush, soft bristle brush and 3-tiered brush - for "all your 101 cleaning jobs"!

Ultimate Scrubber features two speed settings for tough and delicate jobs! Itís waterproof and easy to use. Donít let its convenient size fool you. It packs a serious punch against stains!

  • Ultimate Scrubber Unit
  • Firm Bristle Brush
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • 3-Tiered Brush

Ultimate Scrubber

Our Price: Now Only $14.95

Not in stock

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