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Smoke Alleve Smoke Alleve
Smoke Alleve
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Introducing SmokeAlleve, the original all natural, herbal program formulated to break your addiction to nicotine the right way once and for all. You can be smoke free from day one – guaranteed!

What is Alleve™?

  • All natural system designed to help you stop smoking in just 7 days with results in 1 day.
  • Holistic approach (physical, psychological) helps to overcome all 3 smoking addictions: nicotine dependency, habit and stress
  • System includes a unique blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and natural homeopathic ingredients to naturally support your body
  • Reduces the body’s cravings for cigarettes, cleanses the body of nicotine and reduces stress
  • Dosage format of tablets and homeopathic pellets to be taken throughout the day
  • Possible side effects include: nausea (as a result of cleansing process)
  • No known drug interactions

The SmokeAlleve System Includes:

  • Detox dietary supplement
  • Recovery dietary supplement
  • Crave Control Homeopathic


Smoke Alleve

Our Price: Now Only $59.95

Not in stock

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