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H2O Steam Mop H2O Steam Mop
H2O Steam Mop
Super-sanitizing power
Retail Price:$ 119.99

Our Price:

Now Only $99.99
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H20 Mop™ - Clean Your Floors with the Power of Steam!

The H20 Mop™ harnesses the dirt-devouring, super-sanitizing power of steam to get your floors clean with almost no effort at all! The steam pressure loosens dirt while the super-absorbent microfiber pad scrubs and lifts it away. H20 Mop’s arrow swivel head and super long 15’ cord lets you deep clean anywhere. Plus, it easily converts to a carpet steamer, so you can clean and refresh your carpets and rugs without renting an expensive steamer. Includes 2 washable microfiber pads and Carpet Glider.

Works on almost any surface:
  • linoleum
  • marble
  • hardwood
  • ceramic
  • carpets
  • and more!

H2O Steam Mop

Our Price: Now Only $99.99


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