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Cardio Criuser by Body by Jake Cardio Criuser by Body by Jake
Cardio Criuser by Body by Jake
Retail Price:$ 419.94

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Now Only $349.95
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Introducing, the all new Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser, an entirely new kind of cardio workout machine designed to put you in your fat-burning ‘cruising zone while also giving you an energizing total body toning workout - at the same time!

The Cardio Cruiser has a revolutionary design that combines the powerful cardio and body sculpting movement of three of the most popular gym machines. You get the comfort of the recumbent bike, the upper body toning motion of the elliptical machine, and the lower body action of the stair millAll in one supercharged machine!
The secret is the Cardio Cruiser’s dual-action, synchronized motion that incorporates 95% of the muscles in your body by getting your arms and legs moving in a powerful, downward arc! So you get a greater range of leg motion to target the major muscles in your hamstrings, hips, thighs and buns, while also providing an upper body workout to sculpt the muscles in your shoulders, arms, chest and back. Plus, you get a fully supported, comfortable workout with no jarring impact to the joints and back.

Customize Your Workout with the 5 Speed Resistance Dial!
Whether you’ve never exercised before or you’ve been working out for years, the Cardio Cruiser gives you a powerful toning and cardio fat-burning workout in one machine that fits your individual fitness level! Turn down the Resistance Dial for a fast, fun cardio cruise. Or turn it up for a more advanced, muscle-sculpting workout.
The Cardio Cruiser features seven height adjustment positions, so whether you’re 4’11" or 6’4", and up to 280 pounds, with one simple adjustment, it can comfortably fit your individual size. And its so quiet, you can cruise while you’re watching TV. Plus with its heavy duty, steel- frame construction, you feel stable and secure, always in control. The unique, compact design makes it easy to fold down and store away almost anywhere.

Your Cardio Cruiser also comes with Jake’s 30-day, "Rev up the Results Fat Burning Program"  to help you lose pounds and inches even faster. As a special bonus, you’ll also recieve your very own Cruiser Caddy to easily hold your water bottle and TV remote control! So you can sit back, relax, watch TV, and get your fun Cardio Cruiser fat burning workout all at the same time!!


Cardio Criuser by Body by Jake

Our Price: Now Only $349.95


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