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Bun and Thigh MAX Bun and Thigh MAX
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This unique, cutting-edge product shapes buns and thighs for a firmer, sexier figure. Sleek design and advanced technology make the Bun and Thigh MAX one of the most effective and alluring fitness products on the market today.

This remarkable product exercises the inner and outer thighs, quadriceps, calves, buttocks, and hamstrings, giving you the buns and thighs youve always dreamed about. Included with your Bun and Thigh MAX system are the recipe guide and 30-day meal planner, along with a circuit training video and your "5-Minutes A Day" instructional video.

The Bun & Thigh MAX Guide to Healthy Eating is loaded with exciting meal plans and food choices that will allow you to eat sensibly, without feeling deprived and starved. The guide will also give you many healthy combinations and options for the foods you currently enjoy.

The Bun & Thigh MAX Circuit Training and Aerobic Video is a low impact exercise plan that everyone and anyone can do.

The "5 Minutes A Day To Take Your Inches Away Video" featuring Kathy Derry. Imagine, youll actually have fun with this great new system because you can use the Bun & Thigh MAX for just 5 Minutes A Day while sitting at your desk or even on the couch at home!

Bun and Thigh MAX

Our Price: Now Only $49.95

Not in stock

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