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Bumpits Bumpits
Get dozens of dazzling hairstyles instantly
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Bumpits - From Flat to Fabulous

Bumpits self gripping leave-in volumizing hair inserts give you instant volume and let you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful, like you just stepped out of a professional salon. They’re so easy to use, anyone can be a stylist.

Get dozens of dazzling hairstyles instantly.
  • 2 Large Bumpits Hair Inserts
  • 2 FREE Mini Bang Bumpits Hair Inserts
  • 1 FREE Hollywood Bumpits Hair Inserts


Our Price: Now Only $19.95


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Product Reviews

Mary Ann on: October 23 2009
This product is so amazing it is unbelievable. It is so easy to use and every day that I have used it, I have gotten compliments on my hairstyle. I am going to have to order a set for my daughter. She was skeptical when I first showed it to her, but then she tried the medium one and loved the way her hair looked. You do have to be careful when you remove it and have found that if you use it as a comb while removing it, it works best. Can not say enough about it. GO BUMPITS

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