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Body by Jake AB Scissor Body by Jake AB Scissor
Body by Jake AB Scissor
Retail Price:$ 323.94

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Now Only $269.95
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Cut the fat and sculpt your abs all in just four minutes a day with the revolutionary new Body by Jake Ab Scissor, the only serious piece of home exercise equipment specifically designed to target and isolate your abdominal muscles!

The Ab Scissor is the fun and easy way to cut the fat and sculpt your abs! The Ab Scissor puts your body in the perfect anatomical position to firm and flatten your stomach in no time! You just jump on the Ab Scissor and go for a ride! The secret is the Ab Scissor’s patented Scissor Action, based on our unique Gravitational Linkage System, a biomechanical breakthrough that creates the perfect synchronized abdominal motion, leveraging your own body weight to deliver five levels of Ab Scissor, ab-sculpting resistance. The upright hand grips put you in the optimal position to engage the abs for a deeper, more effective abdominal Ab Scissor contraction. Together, these two breakthroughs give you a sleek, sexy waistline, faster than you ever thought possible!

With our Ab Scissor Gravitational Linkage System, the arms, seat and footrest all move independently, yet they’re precisely synchronized to deliver pure muscle isolation for maximum results!

Your Body by Jake Ab Scissor includes...

  • Ab Scissor
  • Cut the Fat Program
  • Customer Workout Timer

Body by Jake AB Scissor

Our Price: Now Only $269.95


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