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Blazin Chicken Roaster Blazin Chicken Roaster
Blazin Chicken Roaster
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Blazin Chicken Roaster Ever wonder why cowboys gather round the blazing campfire? Introducing Blaziní Chicken, itís direct from the cowboy campfire to your very own kitchen. Now you can enjoy the juiciest, most mouth-watering chicken youíve ever tasted. Blaziní Chicken is so easy to use, just fill the flavor well with water, fruit juice, beer soda, wine or marinade, cover the liquid with the roasting cone, slide the chicken onto the cone and roast it in the oven. The heated juice travels through the cone infusing the chicken with flavor and moisture while evenly cooking from the inside out. Youíll enjoy moist, tender chicken bursting with flavor. Chicken can burn easily, and the inside still be raw. But Blaziní Chicken cooks evenly inside and out. Other chickens sit in their own fat, but Blaziní Chicken fat drips away into the reservoir for crisper, healthier chicken. Less fat, more flavor! The Blazin Chicken Roaster includes: ∑ Infusion Cone ∑ Fat Catching Tray and Flavor Well ∑ Reuseable Pop-up Poultry Thermometer ∑ Recipe/Instruction Booklet

Blazin Chicken Roaster

Our Price: Now Only $19.95

Not in stock

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