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6 Pak ABs 6 Pak ABs
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6 Pak Abs Video

Comprehensive abdominal sculpting video which reveals the secrets to creating a lean, toned midsection. Itís for men and women of all fitness levels and itís the exact program John used to chisel the ripped abs he displays in magazine layouts and TV commercials. SIX PACK ABS offers 3 different home Ab Workouts to stimulate muscle development, 10 fat fighting Nutritional Tips to reduce fat deposits so you can actually see muscle definition, and a few of Johnís Supplement Secrets to help enhance and speed results.

"I see tons of ab videos and devices on the market yet I donít see many people sporting defined midsections at the beach. Why? For me, and apparently many others, abdominal gadgets and gizmos just donít work. Simple training variety combined with ab revealing nutritional tips does. SIX PACK ABSí has everything to maintain the ab definition I want. This video eliminates guesswork and provides the blueprint for creating a lean, toned set of abdominals. It works for me and it can work for you too." - John Basedow

6 Pak ABs

Our Price: Now Only $29.95


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